Automated Shelf Audit

Automated Shelf Audit

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Automated shel audit will allow you to understand how your shelf is behaving at POS, the current rotation of your exhibited products, if your shelf spaces are invaded by other products, identify which shelf spaces are not managed acording to your planogram and analize if your planogram needs modifications. 

It is a tool that works through Artificial Intelligence image recognition and multipurpose automatic processing based on neural networks (CCN) that identifies the different products displayed on a shelf.


You can understand how your shelf behaves in POS through Artificial Intelligence, with a set of photographs.

Main Indicators:

  • Product share of shelf.
  • Product family share of shelf.
  • Analysis of shelf contamination.
  • Number of total fronts.
  • Number of fronts per sku.
  • Variety of categories and products on shelf.
  • Accommodation score.
  • Opportunity areas in fronts vs planogram.



  • Images load
  • Machine Learning
  • Recognition of SKU's on shelf or POS
  • PMA (Planogram Matching Analysis)
  • Tabular generation
  • Final report



  • Performance of operators in field.
  • Frequency and volumetry agreed in the process


  • Training
  • App development
* Conditioned to the frequency of the data captured.

Atlantia Search value proposition:

  • Innovative technology: AI-based image recognition.
  • Customize your study according to your needs:
    • Get metrics, data and insights with the indicators that are relevant to your brand or product.
  • All our studios have an internal process of quality validation to provide our clients with reliable and trustful information.

Our reports have indicators that help you make decisions related to the distribution of your products on the sales shelf, for example:


  • If your stores or franchises are complying with the product arrangement requested in planograms.
  • If shortage of product generates falls in sales.
  • How many of your stores and shelves are having contamination with other products.
Design, maintain, reinforce or redesign strategies to:
  • Control your shelf distribution in store.
  • Improve the planogram you currently have.

Evaluate and optimize:

  • Your sellers and store attendants place the products according to the planogram.
  • That your Promotional and Trade Marketing teams place the products and materials correctly.

Automated Shelf Monitor works through Artificial Intelligence image recognition and multipurpose automatic processing based on neural networks (CNN), to feed the tool it is necessary for the client to share a block of planogram images and pictures of the shelves or POS that will be charged for a recognition of SKUs and ideal layout.

Later the algorithm will identify the SKUs among all the elements to create a report of compatibility with the ideal planogram in which the data will be shown on the different tabular indicators.