Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking

$315.79 USD

Discover the true sales potential of your stores by monitoring the number of people traveling in front of them in relation to the sales you generate. This tool is ideal for monitoring your conversion rates and for monitoring how successful your customer attraction strategies are at the point of purchase. This product will allow you to identify for each store:

  • Number of pedestrians passing by your store

  • Number of visitors

  • Number of purchases made

  • Conversion rates

  • Average ticket

  • Average number of products

  • Average number of products

  • Comparisons of monitored branches

  • Evaluate the performance of sales personnel

* The price shown is for an annual subscription of 1 store


Visitor Tracking of Getin is ideal when you have several stores or branches and you need to have control of the performance of each of them quickly to know how many sales opportunities exist. The technology of Getin allows you to know the following indicators of your store:


  • Number of pedestrians per store
  • Number of visitors per store
  • Conversion rate of pedestrians to visitors
  • Number of tickets generated
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Average of products per ticket
  • Average ticket value
  • Average stay
  • Days of greatest demand
  • Days with the highest conversion rate for sale
  • Days of lower demand
  • Days with the lowest conversion rate for sale Traffic per day
  • Number of walkers per day
  • Number of tickets generated per day
  • Weekly averages
  • Monthly averages
  • Traffic per hour
  • Average minutes of permanence
  • Occupation of the premises per hour
  • Time of permanence per hour


This product is highly recommended to know what happens in your stores without the need to use video surveillance cameras that can take a lot of time and people to analyze what is happening in each one. The main benefits of hiring Visitor Tracking are:


  • To be able to identify which hours are the busiest in your stores and that you could need more personnel.
  • It can help you negotiate spaces, since you know the actual flow you have.
  • Know how many people enter and how many people you buy.
  • Define performance indicators to set sales targets.
  • Identify moments to create promotions by analyzing the schedules that people go through and do not enter.
  • Modify the opening and closing hours of the stores, identifying the times when the stores are closed and there is a relevant volume of passers-by.


  • During the times in which more people spend, advertising campaigns can be done ensuring the necessary flow of people.
  • Assign schedules of tasks, and of meals of the employees according to the traffic of people.
  • Decide the correct number of employees per shift, observing the traffic per day and per hour. Identify moments of saturation of the stores, crossing the visits with the time of permanence.


To implement Visitor Tracking, an antenna is installed very easily in the store box connecting it to the light and the Internet modem, which captures WiFi signals by registering a unique number of each cell phone and the power in decibels to which The cell phone sees the antenna.

With an application the client or a technician of Getin measures the powers that a cell phone arrives at the door and outside the store to define a threshold in which the visits (from the antenna to the door) and the passers-by will be counted ( from the door as far as the client wants and the antenna can measure) and vehicular traffic can be included.

On the Getin platform calibrate the antennas using the powers that were taken and minimum and maximum time filters to define which is a business opportunity and which is an employee or a provider.

Once the antenna has been calibrated, the client can consult all the information on the platform whenever he wants.

To obtain detailed information with cross sales, an integration can be made with the customer's POS.