Brand Tracker

Brand Tracker

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Brand Tracker is a modular product for monitoring your brand health efforts (communications, advertising, customer experience, and customer service) in the mind of consumers. You can choose the exploratory, intermediate or advanced versions depending on the level of depth you require.

Why choose it?

  • We combine brand health indicators with customer experience to give you a complete panorama through the sum of different times throughout the year

  • We include measurements of your communication efforts in order to validate their effectiveness and influence on the consumer

  • We compare the metrics we obtain, focusing our report on the areas of greatest variation detected, or, on those which you decide to focus

  • Our Data Visualization makes insights easily understandable and shareable

Analyze brand positioning, perceptions, and memorability of brand advertising efforts.

Main Indicators:

  • Top of mind
  • Share of mind
  • Purchase Intention


  • Favorite brand
  • Brand funnel (Brand Love Conversion Rate) 
  • Advertising memorability

Exploratory Study
Describes the main indicators and offers cross tabulations with demographic data for each of the modules selected.

Intermediate Study
Includes the information from the exploratory study in addition to identifying six types of relations that a consumer can have with your brand (lovers, rejecters, dissapointed, satisfied, potential, non users) using indicators like:

  • Distribution of the different segments 
  • Most attractive elements by segment
  • Least attractive elements by segment 
  • Most preferred brands by segment
  • TOM, SOM, TC by segment

Detailed Study

Includes the information from the previous versions and adds the indicators: 

  • Client reward - Characteristics that to a greater extent are correlated with satisfaction and brand preferences 
  • Penalty analysis - Characteristics that to a greater extent are correlated to dissatisfaction and affect the brand

You'll be able to...  


  • Long term areas of opportunity
  • Most impactful media 
  • Brand messages that have lingered in the minds of consumers

Design, maintain, reinforce or redesign strategies for:

  •  Advertising or communication campaigns
  • Message comprehension


  • The efficacy of brand messages reflected in the Call to Action 

Atlantia Search’s Brand Tracker methodology lets you continuously monitor brand positioning with multiple types of statistical analyses and methodologies that yield highly relevant data and the most actionable insights.

Among which we include:


  • TURF Analysis: Using the statistical tool, Scope and Non-Duplicate Frequency Totals, all possible brand combinations in the market are permuted and the leaders of the market are identified, giving you perspective into the positioning of your own brand

  • Price Sensitivity Analysis: A tool to determine the accepted price by consumer profile. The analysis will reveal the optimal price, as well as the acceptable price range as perceived by the consumer. You will be able to associate the performance of your brand with the price perception of your product

  • Penalty Analysis: An analysis method based on the comparison of various combinations, as is done in variance analyses using JAR scales. The consumer penalizes aspects that trigger that actions in relation to the brand and so we identify redeeming and detracting aspects of the brand

  • Brand Funnel: Utilizing frequency analysis we create a model that provides a complete description of your brand’s strengths in relation to the competition and allows you to compare them with your previous performance

  • NPS: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an index of the desire to recommend the brand and of the overall consumer satisfaction

  • Single and Multivariable Correlation Analysis: Through our AI-driven and automated data analytics tools, we quickly and efficiently carry out different single and multivariable analysis of the data so we can identify the most relevant insights of your study

The Most Advanced Tools for Assuring Sample Quality:

By default, all of our studies done through CAWI, CAPI y CATI, include automated systems for sample quality control:


  • Anti-Speeder: this validation algorithm estimates the minimum time needed to complete a survey and rejects whatever value falls below it

  • Unique User Validation (UUV): To avoid multiple survey replies from the same respondent, more than 20 parameters from the device and respondent are validated

  • Anti-Random Answers (ARA): To exclude random answers from respondents we have an algorithm that identifies psychological patterns that indicate random responses and removes them

  • Geo-referenced Validation: We guarantee location by GPS tracking respondents or by using the location of their IP address

  • Other Tools: In addition to the above we utilize further tools and methods to guarantee the sample quality; control questions, anomalous answers rejection, automatic validation of open answers, missing data algorithms, contingency tables, etc.

Automated Data Analytics Tools:

Atlantia Search’s automated AI-driven data analytics tools allow us to carry out single and multivariable analyses in a question of minutes to find relevant insights. We are also capable of carrying out a host of other analyses which include K-means, CHAID Tree, Conjoint, Maxdiff, M-Estimation, Ordinary Less Scores, Reach Regressions, Logit-regressions, Linear Regressions, Anovas, Pivot Tables, to name a few, and statistics generation methods such as T-test ANOVA, Games-Howell Nonparametric Post-Hoc Tests, Cohen’s F Statistic, Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation, Point Biserial Correlation, Cohen’s D, Paired T-test, Fisher’s Exact Test, Chi-Squared Test, Cramer’s V, Z-test, Time-series Analysis, Difference in differences (DID, DD) among many others.