Social Buzz Monitor

Social Buzz Monitor

$638 USD

Social Buzz Monitor es la herramienta de Social Listening más completa del mercado. Te permite conocer la salud de tu marca y de la competencia en redes sociales. Es muy útil para entender: la reputación de las marcas, la respuesta de los consumidores al contenido, desarrollar estrategias para mejorar la experiencia de usuario y mejorar el manejo de crisis, basandose en las recomendaciones y comentarios de los usuarios.

Se obtienen las menciones de la marca a analizar en diversas fuerntes como Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Dailymotion, Yelp, Weibo, Tumblr, Reddit, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, así como en foros, blogs, prensa en línea, páginas web, TV y Radio Digitales. 

Toda la información recopilada es clasificada y analizada para que puedas tomar acciones concretas con tu marca.

The study is done through a technological platform that allows listening on social networks in more than 190 countries and up to 80 different languages. It has a greater scope of mentions within Facebook, the most used social network in the world, and in more social platforms than other tools in the market.



  • It is very easy to manage, which allows you to identify insights in order to take quick action.
  • You can monitor any topic through the keywords that interest you.
  • You can identify which are organic posts, sponsored and / or news.
  • It is recommended to segment by location, in this way you can focus on the market that interests you.
  • It allows you to find real influencers of your brand and your category including celebrities, youtubers, bloggers, fans or opinion leaders


  • Share of conversations by subject and distribution of mentions
  • Key concepts, by mentions, by audience, by cluster
  • Different comparative subjects
  • Moments with more and fewer mentions
  • Average feeling of the brand
  • Comparisons between different brands or observation topics
  • Top hashtags and mentions
  • Top networks by volume of mentions
  • Top influencers
  • Top searches performed
  • Top results found by country, by topic, by language


Customize your study according to your needs:

  • Get metrics, data and insights with the indicators that are relevant to your brand or product.
  • You can adjust the filters, the temporality and the order of presentation of the information.
  • The information can be exported in the format you need it: Excel, Word, image, etc.
  • It has more than 20 styles of graphics so you can use the data in presentations and reports.
  • All our studios have an internal process of quality validation to provide our clients with reliable and truthful information.
  • Our competitive price allows you to expand the analysis to know the competition by company, brand and product


  • Monitor brand reputation
  • Analyze campaigns Identify influencers
  • Develop and execute a crisis management plan
  • Get Insight from the consumer Improve the experience of your brand through customer service in social networks
  • Get more reach in product launches
  • Develop effective marketing events
  • Find inspiration for social media content and marketing campaigns
  • Increase the impact of your content and communication materials
  • Grow and monitor the media coverage of your products.

Social Buzz Monitor works through querries, choosing a keyword: hashtag, brand, product, campaign name, slogan, etc. and the information obtained is processed in 5 dimensions to facilitate reading and interpretation. Dimensions:

  • What? Related topics that are being discussed.
  • When? Period of time, number of people talking about the topic, number of mentions, estimated range and number of interactions.
  • Where? Location of where the information was generated, distribution of mentions by means, more shared links, geographical maps, mentions by city and geolocation.
  • Who? Who and how they generate the information, main influencers and demographic data.
  • How? Sentiment * optimized by Machine Learning of the positive, negative and associated emojis mentions.

We have different levels of quality controls.

* You can make human revisions and modify the feeling if you do not agree with the classification.