Brand Awareness for SMB

Brand Awareness for SMB

$640 USD

The Brand Awareness for SMB is a product that will allow you understand the brands from your category in order to generate a better value proposition and develop brand and product communication strategies that really makes an impact on your target market.

It consist in a survey process where consumers from similar brands share their perceptions of the brands characteristics, and also satisfaction and experience with them.

You will obtain this consumer insights:

  • Prefered brands.

  • Consumed brands.

  • Age range preferences.

  • Satisfaction rate. 

  • Promotion rate.

  • Accionable variables for your business. 

  • Most valuable attributes of the brands in your category. 

  • Conversion rate.

  • Desirability rate. 

  • Brand value perception. 

  • Amongst others.

*Available only in Mexico