Competitive Benchmark - Products

Competitive Benchmark - Products

$910 USD

The Competitive Benchmark - Products is a product designed to meet the competitors of a specific category or service through a Desk Research methodology, based on public access information sources with a prior analysis of veracity and consistency. Why choose it?

  • All of our studies have an internal validation process that guarantees the quality of the report to be delivered.

  • Our competitive price allows you to expand the study to meet your competition by company and by product

  • Our delivery times are the best in the industry

  • Our Data Visualization makes insights easy to understand and easy to share

With the Competitive Benchmark for Services, we evaluate different aspects of your competitors according to what you need to understand, with insights such as: competitor radiography, product portfolio, price analysis, communication and marketing strategies, and in some cases, events and activations.

You can also get detailed information on other aspects, by adding our extra modules: web platforms and applications, online store, communication strategies, loyalty programs and purchase journey.

Main Indicators

Competitor's X-ray

  • Competitor logo
  • Description
  • Coverage
  • Presence
  • Number of stores
  • Contact information
  • Target
  • Market share
  • Business model

Product portfolio

  • Categories
  • Products / # of products
  • Product profile
  • Product approach
  • Featured product
  • Innovator items
  • Packages
  • Guarantees
  • Main product categories
  • Packaging

Pricing Analysis

  • Price per product
  • Forms of payment and payment facilities
  • Promotions
  • Price per presentation
  • Price per sales channel

Communication strategy

  • Communication channels
  • Digital penetration: social networks, followers
  • Analysis of digital media
  • Digital reputation

Commercial strategy

  • Sales channels
  • Points of sale
  • Strategic business alliances
  • Conditions and market context
  • Seasonal strategies
  • Path to purchase
  • Dealers
  • Home service
  • Added Value

Comparative analysis

  • Standard and star products
  • Impact on digital media
  • Best practices

Additonal Modules

+ Platforms and web applications

  • Usability and tools
  • Available platforms
  • Journey of registration and / or acquisition
  • Reputation on platforms
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Price of applications
  • Georeferencing
  • Communication channels of the app
  • Restrictions
  • Application usage path
  • Frequent comments from users on download platforms
  • Support materials for application use

+ Online Stores

  • Registration to online store
  • Communication channels of the store
  • Payment methods
  • Promotions
  • Average delivery, installation and hiring times
  • Home delivery service
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Restrictions
  • Frequent comments from users on digital platforms
  • Support materials for store use

+ Communication strategies

  • Current advertising campaigns
  • General website analysis
  • Mobile apps
  • Brand activations
  • Events
  • Identity
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Interaction and information to users
  • Promotions in digital channels
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Communication alliances
  • Presence in mass media
  • Best practices
  • Frequent customer messages
  • Newsletters
  • Expansion plans

+ Loyalty programs

  • Operator
  • Member categories
  • Format
  • Registration forms
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Alliances
  • Promotional channels
  • Hiring and activation
  • Usability
  • Tracing
  • Partnerships
  • Digital tools
  • Relevant data
  • Special communications

+ Customer Journey

  • Purchase or hiring requirements
  • Billing service
  • Home service
  • Response time
  • Purchase and delivery times
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Added value
  • Differentiator
  • After sales service

Our Competitive Benchmark for Products has indicators that help you make decisions related to the service you market, for example:


  • New competitors by category or product.
  • What value proposition your competitors have.
  • What transformations the category has suffered.
  • The behavior of a category in different countries.

Design, maintain, reinforce or redesign strategies for:

  • Prices by distribution channel.
  • Communication for your different targets.

Evaluate and optimize:

  • The effectiveness of the brand messages and Calls to Action towards the consumer.
  • Your Consumer Journey at the point of sale and online.

Atlantia Search - Competitive Benchmark for Schools methodology adds multiple methodologies that generate a high relevance of the data as well as a greater execution of the information. Among which stand out:

  • Systematization of indicators: pre-designed products to standardize and accelerate the search and processing of information.

  • Source search automation: To obtain the information, we program and host search algorithms in the network, this allows the intelligent collection of relevant information from different sources.

  • Certification and evaluation of Researchers: it is a methodology designed to train, certify and evaluate continuously the Atlantia Search Researchers, specializing them in products and industries.

  • Quality Process Verification: focused on evaluating the different perspectives of the products to ensure that the answers to business questions are of quality and with a simple and actionable visualization.