Retail Coach

Retail Coach

$1 950 USD

Evaluate the quality of the service received by your buyers at the point of purchase, identify what effect it has on your purchase decision, to develop experiences and strategies that increase the satisfaction and average ticket. 

This products will be very useful when: 

  • You need consultancy on how to better manage your in store staff

  • You nedd to have a better understanding of the custormer service that is being provided in stores or how to make a good implementation 

  • You seek to know the efficiency of your floor sales strategies

  • You are developing a new service protocol

  • You want to standardize customer service arises

  • You nedd a tool to give better feedback to your sales staff. 

*Price published for 1 branch in annual subscription. Does not include installation cost.

Retail Coach by Shopology works through a Virtual Mystery Shopper that will help you to evaluate the quality in the service that your real buyers receive in your point of purchase, we studied the effect that the execution has in the purchase decision and which aspects are working correctly and which have areas for improvement.

Through a platform on your mobile phone you can review the events evaluated by accessing the recordings from your cell phone.

We offer weekly coaching to your employees in the stores with greater opportunity areas to motivate your employees to improve their service.

Services included:

  • 10 reviews of Virtual Mystery Shopper per month.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports to activate the information at  store, managerial / supervisor or brand level.

Daily visit report *:

  • General information of your brand, branch, date and time of the event and report ID.
  • Fulfillment rate, qualification obtained per branch.
  • Name of the supervisor of that branch.
  • The reagents evaluated according to your protocol and compliance.
  • Photographic evidence.

* Report of the day the Virtual Mystery Shopper is made

Weekly Report (for Managers and Supervisors):

  • General information report with brand, branch, evaluated week, and report ID.
  • Status and ranking of the branch or supervisor by number of task completed according to the grade obtained.
  • Name of the supervisor of that branch.
  • The reagents evaluated according to your protocol and fulfillment.
  • Areas of opportunity detected.
  • Tips and advice to improve.

Monthly coaching calls to 10% of your branches that are at the lowest fulfillment rate.

Monthly Management Report:

  • Comparative month to month of fulfillment rate.
  • Conversion rate (Share of visitors that make a purchase).
  • Barriers of execution or implementation detected by employees 
  • Quarterly report of fulfillment rate by policy and conversion rate 
  • Monthly summary of calls made to follow up on barriers
  • Benchmark of fulfillment rate  of the brand vs the average of the retailer and category. 

Faced with consumers increasingly demanding and informed but less and less loyal, retail companies must adapt to new challenges such as: the technological boom, a slowdown in consumption and the implications of globalization for brand competition.

The industry is transforming faster than ever and we must prepare to survive in the market, so we believe that the shopping experience is one of the most important pillars of success for physical retail companies, for this reason we want to become your ally with Retail Coach of Shopology that is the tool that will help improve your customer service protocol in store evaluating the effectiveness of your initiatives from different indicators and we study the areas of opportunity you have so that you can make the decision to deploy, optimize or avoid them a greater drain of resources.

Retail Coach by Shopology is for you if you need:

  • Qualify the quality of service received by my shoppers in the store.
  • Evaluate your in store staff.
  • Standardize the service offered by my brand in the different branches.
  • Measure that the processes of your protocol are met.
  • Give feedback to your collaborators objectively to improve their performance in the service.
  • Identify if your service protocol is adequate.
  • Implement a "customer centric" philosophy to your organization.

With Shopology Retail Coach, we do market research through video surveillance cameras (video and audio). Based on your needs we offer a consulting service for the design or redesign of your service protocol:

  1. To have a better understanding of your implementation, we made a DILO (Day in the Life Of) that consists of visiting your branch to understand how your initiatives work at the point of sale.
  2. We have video analysts who have been trained to be experts in your initiative before starting the registration of information.
  3. We train your managers and supervisors to explain the standards that will be measured and how to take advantage of the tool with your work team.
  4. We use specialized software to generate the observation schedule and where our analysts process the variables of each observation and send you automatically the observation reports.
  5. We carry out 2 to 3 virtual visits per week randomly on date and time.
  6. We review the complete execution of the protocol since the client enters and until it leaves the store.
  7. To ensure the veracity of the processed information, we have a quality department that audits the responses of a random sampling of observed events.
  8. Evidence videos are collected as an audiovisual representation of the insights presented.
  9. Our deliverables are designed so that anyone can interpret them, with understandable and actionable information for each member of your team.